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Dental Assistant

Yazmin was born in Puebla, Mexico and moved to Calgary with her family at the age of 9. She pursued a career in the dental field after her first child was born. The first thing she notices about people is their smile.

She started working with Dr. Plant in 2003 when the practice first opened. Since then, Yazmin has pursued other interests, but she is happy to be working in dental once again-reunited with her team at Blackburn Shoppes Dental!

Yazmin participated in a volunteer trip to Bolivia with Dr. Plant and Stephanie back in 2007, and would love to do it again.

She is Mexican-Canadian and celebrates both cultures. Yazmin calls herself a “foodie”, and likes everything spicy. Her two children keep her very busy, but in her spare time she enjoys fishing in her kayak or golfing. On quieter days, Yazmin enjoys reading and discussing the latest novels at book club.

Yazmin would like to travel to Tahiti and spend the cold Canadian winters on a beach in Mexico.