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The laser is a beam of highly concentrated light energy. Lasers have various wavelengths that are specific to each type. In other words, the wavelength of a dental laser is different from a laser pointer as they create different energy.

Blackburn Shoppes Dental Centre offers laser dentistry for a variety of dental procedures:

soft tissue surgery, hard tissue surgery, cavity removal, tooth preparation and curettage. Our KAVO key 3 laser is a ER:YAG laser which is attracted to water molecules. This makes our laser one of the most precise and safe lasers found on the market. There is also a Diode laser integrated in the KAVO Key 3, which is used for detection (cavities or tartar).

Laser dentistry done with the KAVO Key 3 is very conservative. Soft tissue surgeries heal faster compared to traditional surgery methods; curettage is done without a “gum flap” , and no freezing is necessary for some tooth restorations.