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Dr. Chantal Plant

Dr. Chantal Plant was born in Abitibi Témiscaming, Québec.

The oldest of three girls, Dr. Plant became passionate in the study of biology and health sciences as a result of her parents’ careers. Dentistry was a perfect fit for Chantal because she realized she could work in a field that combines both health and arts.

Dr. Plant graduated at the top of her class in 1998 from Laval University in Québec City. She challenged herself right out of school by moving to Bonnyville, Alberta where she began practicing dentistry in a completely new language – English. She had the privilege of practicing on a native reserve, as well as in the hospital with very young children as patients. Also, this is where she met her husband-to-be, A.J.

After a few years as an associate dentist in Kanata, Dr Plant was ready to take on a new challenge – building her own practice! In 2003, Blackburn Shoppes Dental Centre was built while Dr Plant was on maternity leave with her first child. Since 2003, three new beautiful additions have come along to the Plant family.

Another passion of Dr. Plant’s is doing volunteer work in underdeveloped countries. In 2000, she travelled to Guatemala and seven years later she and two of her employees went to Bolivia to work. The most recent adventure was to Kenya in 2011 with the same organization, called Remote Area Medical.

When Dr. Plant is not practicing dentistry and managing her clinic, she enjoys travelling with her family, camping, fishing, running and gardening.